Registration Information

 Although we are currently unable to host our regular TSC classes, we are offering an Etiquette Dining Event for 7th grade students with space available on Thursday, October 29th!

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Additional Etiquette Dining Event Details! 

Cost: $50

Date and Time:  Thursday, October 29th,  6:30pm-8:30pm                

Location:   Marietta Country Club, 1400 Marietta Country Club Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30152

Drop-off/Pick-up:  In order to maintain our safety guidelines, I am asking that you drop your child off at the front door of the MCC and I will have one of my assistants there to show them where to go.  We will wrap up our evening at 8:30pm and the children will be dismissed to head outside to meet you for pick up. 


Attire:  Girls: Blouse and skirt or dress  Boys: Pants, long sleeve button down shirt (tucked in with a belt), nice shoes;  Some students choose to dress up a little more, but that is strictly optional.


Food Allergies: If pertinent, please make sure and list any food allergies and sensitivities when completing the registration form. I will relay them to the banquet manager.  The MCC is very accommodating and we will make sure your child enjoys a healthy and delicious meal.


Covid Protocol:  TSC understands that everyone has different levels of comfort during these times, but if you feel confident with the guidelines below, we would love for your child to join us!  If you do have any concerns or reservations regarding Covid and the guidelines we have set in place, it might be best to wait and register for TSC functions once all government restrictions have been lifted.

Safety guidelines will include:

  • Temperature checks at the door

  • Masks required when students are not seated at their table

  • 6 students per table (instead of 8-10)

  • Ice-cream buffet service (instead of self serve)




Cell: (404) 421-3135