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The Social Class

Middle Grades Curriculum

6th Grade: LEAP!

7th Grade: LEAD!

8th Grade: LAUNCH!

8th Grade Class: LAUNCH!

 Growing, maturing and ready for their next challenge, 8th graders begin to shift their focus to the exciting years ahead! During our final season together, The Social Class focuses primarily on equipping and preparing your children with the life skills that will set them apart in high school, college, the professional world and their personal lives.  My staff and I will capitalize on our time and influence by reinforcing the values you are teaching at home and covering topics that will successfully LAUNCH them into the future!

The lessons we teach in 8th grade include:
1.) Interview and Employment Skills: We prepare our students for the interview process, teach them
how to write their first resume' and define the qualities of a desirable employee.
2.) Goal Setting and High School Preparedness: We teach our students how to effectively set SMART short
term and long term academic, personal, physical and spiritual goals for themselves. This is imperative to
do before they begin high school. Far too often, students reach 11th grade and wish they had put pen to
paper and actually achieved their goals, rather than wander aimlessly through high school. At that point
they then find themselves with limited chances to correct their course and make up for lost time and
academic opportunities.
3.) First Dance Essentials: We prepare them for every aspect of their first high school dance! We cover
everything from "the ask", picking up their date and meeting the parents, pinning on the boutonniere,
making a dinner reservation, tipping, being an appreciative date, wrapping up the evening and every
detail in between! Walking through these details give our students confidence and set proper
expectations for a fun evening!
4.) Relationship Essentials: High School dating isn't what it used to be! We discuss the proper
sequence of dating and how to respectfully break up with someone...this session prompts some really
good discussion! The new norms of "talking", "hanging out", "hooking up" and "ghosting" are a result of
our culture and technology diluting some of the imperative fundamentals of healthy friendships and
5.) Tailgating Etiquette: ...a must for any Southerner!
6.) We will also host our annual "Heading to High School" event which will be the final tool in their
tool belt from The Social Class! We will have an outstanding panel of thought leaders in our community
that will address the new challenges our children are facing emotionally, socially and academically. This
will be a dessert function at the Marietta Country Club.

Attire:            For Classes:

                       Girls: Dress or blouse and skirt, comfortable and easy to dance in dress shoes

                       Boys: Khaki/chino colored pants, long sleeve button down shirt (tucked in with a belt), dress shoes,   


Please Note:  The Social Class is unable to make exceptions for children to register for a class that is different than the grade they are in.  Additionally, we are only equipped to serve students who are socially mature, able to sit quietly and listen and are capable of interacting in an age appropriate manner with students their own age.

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