The Social Class

Middle Grades Curriculum

6th Grade: LEAP!

7th Grade: LEAD!

8th Grade: LAUNCH!

7th Grade Class: LEAD!

Having successfully completing their first year of middle school, 7th graders arrive to The Social Class with a little bit of swagger!  What a perfect time to direct this newfound confidence towards peer leadership.  Whether it is leading by appropriately navigating social media or having the confidence to be an “includer”, 7th grade at The Social Class is a year of reinforcing and building upon the skills acquired in our 6th curriculum.  The 7th grade curriculum will focus on: Cell phone and social media essentials, making introductions, conversation skills, dining out, family manners, common courtesies, RSVP’s and writing thank you notes.  We also add the element of partner dancing. Dancing will include: The Waltz, Swing, Salsa an additional line dances.  Attendance in the 6th grade class in not required for your child to join us in 7th grade!


Cost:               $350 

Time:              The 7th grade class will meet 8 Saturday evenings from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Dates:             Proposed dates for 2020-2021:      August 29, 2020    October 24, 2020     November 7, 2020 

                       December 12, 2020     January 9, 2021   January 30, 2021     March 27, 2021    April 17, 2021                                                 (Dates will be confirmed May 2020)

Attire:            Girls: Dress or blouse and skirt, comfortable and easy to dance in dress shoes

                        Boys: Khaki/chino colored pants, long sleeve button down shirt (tucked in with a belt), dress shoes  


Please Note:  The Social Class is unable to make exceptions for children to register for a class that is different than the grade they are in.  Additionally, we are only equipped to serve students who are socially mature, able to sit quietly and listen and are capable of interacting in an age appropriate manner with students their own age.