The Social Class

Middle Grades Curriculum

6th Grade: LEAP!

7th Grade: LEAD!

8th Grade: LAUNCH!


6th Grade: LEAP!

I absolutely love working with 6th graders! Sweet and eager to please, they soak up every ounce of what we offer at The Social Class! Embarking on the middle school years, they find themselves being stretched beyond their comfort zone and leaping into many new things! This class focuses on laying a solid foundation for manners, confidence and many important life skills.   Lessons include: First impressions, a proper handshake, the importance of eye contact, conversation skills, being a gentleman and table manners.  Students will also learn popular line dances. 

Attire:             Girls: Dress or blouse and skirt, comfortable and easy to dance in dress shoes

                        Boys: Khaki/chino colored pants, long sleeve button down shirt (tucked in with a belt), dress                                shoes  


Please Note:  The Social Class is unable to make exceptions for children to register for a class that is different than the grade they are in.  Additionally, we are only equipped to serve students who are socially mature, able to sit quietly and listen and are capable of interacting in an age appropriate manner with students their own age.